Clio is one of Vancouver’s fastest growing start-ups. In order to keep growing, they needed to connect with younger lawyers. 

It turns out that young lawyers don't care about long feature lists or software. But they do care about saving time. So, the site focuses on how Clio can save lawyers up to 8 hours every week.

The simple value proposition is that Clio saves users an average of 8 hours every week. So, as soon as users hit the site, we posed one simple question:

What would you do with an extra 8 hours every single week?

We then profiled other Clio users and what they do with their extra 8 hours in quick and simple YouTube videos embedded throughout the site. 

A Simple Approach to Pricing

No one likes complicated pricing pages. Our Pricing page keeps things nice and simple with one plan, one price and the essential information for new users.