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Lots of Donuts

If Canadian Heritage Minutes taught me anything, it's that Canadians love seeing Canadian things recognized internationally. I'm no different so I wrote about the history and heritage of Tim Hortons donuts for this anthology of special-edition donuts.

Research for this project proved challenging because Tim Hortons does not actively maintain an archive of discontinued donuts, nor do they respond to multiple emails from random copywriters requesting these details. To compound this distinct lack of critical information and communication is the fact that there is actually no comprehensive anthology of Tim Hortons donuts. Until now. 

Apparently, I wasn't alone in wanting to learn more about Tim Hortons donuts. The site received over 7,000 hits in the first week it launched and was featured in Huffington Post, Zurb, CSS Design Awards & more.

Stay informed about Tim Hortons donuts, right over here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 7.30.15 AM.png