Sapporo X Ryan Hemsworth

Sapporo wanted to align their premium beer with creator culture and cutting edge music. So, I reached out to world-renowned DJ and producer Ryan Hemsworth to produce a book documenting his record label Secret Songs. We also produced a short film, documenting Ryan speaking about his label and the production of the book.

The project explores the notions of creativity, side hustles, and starting a record label in the digital age. The video and book will supported by a social ad spend, directing users to a landing page to enter their details to win the book. Leeftail Co. managed the ad spend.

UforChange X Google

What started as a casual conversation about social media turned into a 8-week digital media course providing fundamental business, entrepreneurial, branding, soft skills, and digital skills to 40 youth. The course was generously funded by Google Canada.

Participants learned how to effectively work collaboratively, leverage design-thinking, build a website, manage a digital project, branding, and how to turn their ideas into real entrepreneurial ventures

The Creator Class Pro / Free Studio

Free is a studio for creators that produces social, digital, experiential culture at scale with leading brands and a community of photographers, filmmakers and cultural leaders.

I worked with Free to develop a collaborative member program within their studio space to bridge the gap between their online community and their physical studio with the goal of empowering creative entrepreneurs through event programming, and co-working, while increasing their content creation capabilities.

Compass for Urban Strategies

Urban Strategies is a leading global urban design and planning consultancy based out of Toronto. Working with Pilot Interactive and Urban Strategies, I provided creative direction and UX strategy on this project. 

Many of Urban Strategies’ projects require gathering data and insights on how people navigate urban spaces in order to design spaces that better suit the needs and habits of its users.

To allow for easier data collection and more inclusive community engagement, we built Compass. Compass is an online engagement tool designed specifically to gather geo-spatially rich data to inform their project work. 

Compass can be seamlessly embedded onto Urban Strategies’ community engagement websites. It also provides sophisticated interacting mapping tools - users can drop pins, trace paths, draw boundaries and provide geo-specific comments. 

Compass provides both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to provide a critical level of nuance. The flexible backend allows for custom questionnaires, video prompts, and allows for real-time data visualization to bridge the gap between IRL community consultations and online respondents. Oh, and of course it is fully accessible on mobile devices. 

Compass was initially developed for Urban Strategies’ 10-year campus planning project for Princeton University and has been utilized on countless similar urban planning projects.

ILAC’s new website and digital course builder

One of Canada’s largest language academies, ILAC welcomes tens of thousands of students from all over the world to learn English and build relationships. The vast majority of their business came from a complex network of international agents who refer prospective students to ILAC’s in-house agents, who work with students to determine the best program for them. ILAC would pay these agents a fee for each student they refer and ILAC’s own agents were costly and spread too thin to properly handle the referrals. 

Working with ILAC and Pilot Interactive, we refreshed ILAC’s brand, designed a new website, and built lead generation tools including a tool that allowed students to build custom study plans, which were then emailed to them and ILAC’s agents allowing them to follow up on these leads with increased ease and automation.

As a result, quality referrals through ILAC’s website increased by over 500% and ILAC's agents are able to provide much more personalized service to leads, increasing their conversion rates.